Dreams are not made by sitting back and waiting for them to happen.

You have to take the inspired, aligned action you are shown.

You have to meet the Universe halfway.

I was way too passive for years, I hated putting myself out there and as a result, I was always at the mercy of others.

You can keep waiting and telling yourself over and over the clients are on the way but in my experience and in the experience of mentoring others, you have to get off your bum and take the action too.

This isn’t just putting some social posts out, creating a fancy website, networking in a few groups, this is real, soul-aligned, often uncomfortable, action.

This is you stepping into your next level version of you action.

We are co-creating with the Universe, we need to give it something to co-create with.

Trust whatever flows through you, is meant to be heard and acted upon.

We can be our own worst enemies.

Constantly questioning ourselves, is this right, is this good enough, interesting, informative enough?

Constantly putting obstacles in the way, fear, ego, emotions.

When really you just need to be asking,

Is this next level me enough?

Does this sound like me?

Is this full of my passion, soul and energy?

Is this the best-aligned action I can take right now?

Is this pushing me outside of my comfort zone and closer to my dreams?

✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅

Then post it, do it, live stream it, take the action, whatever you have been called to do but are overthinking far too much.

Stop overthinking it, you will kill the spark.

You can not damage your business by taking imperfect action but you can by taking no action at all.


Katie xx

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