If you work with me, you get so much more than marketing and business expertise…

I have worked in marketing for the past 22 years, in every aspect of it, both in agencies, in house and in my own agency/consultancy and now as a soul led marketing and business coach.

I have worked with solopreneurs, small businesses through to 7 figures, I have helped many small businesses get there.

I have experience in PR, photoshoots, catalogue creation and distribution, branding, graphics, brochure design, print advertising, online ads, editorial and feature writing, interviewing, organising events, press launches, product and service launches, online program launches, 6 figure launches (planning and running), memberships, building communities, graphic design, web, funnels, content marketing, radio, TV, email marketing and nurture sequences, magazine creation, writing and publishing, copywriting, social media…I have a lot of experience.

Then there’s the magic bit, the bit I have not always talked about but has always been there. The intuitive side of me and my business, the part of me that is able to connect into you and your business and pull out the exact strategy and ideas that you need. The part of me that connects with your higher self and downloads all of the ideas from there, to create the most perfect marketing magic for you.

And this really is where the magic begins because something far bigger is at play than you and me, but it’s always perfect in its delivery, without fail and it always knows best.

Then there is the Mindfulness / Inner Guidance Coach side of me, who works with you to uncover any blocks you may have that are stopping you and your business from flourishing. I have coached and mentored for the past 10 years and currently in the process of being accredited as a Mindfulness Life & Business Coach.

I identified some time ago, that the reason so many people struggle to market their business is because they are disconnected from their soul’s purpose or they’re out of alignment in some other element in their life/business. Your business is an energetic extension of you, so if one thing is a miss, it can hold you back from the growth you crave and deserve. I help you find what and fix it.

It was seeing this disconnect and why so often what seemed like very sound strategies, weren’t working for clients, that made me completely change my method of marketing. It’s why I created my ‘inside out’ approach where we always start with you first, always you first. It became clear that if you hadn’t done the important Soul + Energy + Alignment work first, then a plain marketing strategy, that is not aligned to you, is not going to work. This is now the foundational work I do with all clients, to make sure you are aligned first, so you can be sure your marketing strategy will work.

You have to be connected to your soul goal, your energy needs to be right and you need to be taking the aligned actions in order for it all to work together.

Through coaching, I help you find your souls calling, identify it and bridge the gap to step into the business and life of your dreams.

This is when your business will fly.

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Loads of love

Katie xx

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