Why you don’t have it, why you need it and how to get it.


One of the main ‘issues’ I help clients with and the biggest complaint they have,

“I don’t have clarity”

of message, who my dream client is, what I offer, what I’m doing, how I do it..

They stay stuck and inactive, not really knowing what the best thing to do is.

And it’s not surprising ( I have been there myself) how can you move forward with any kind of confidence when you don’t feel clear about anything.

Then there’s the other side of the clarity coin…

I also work with clients who think they don’t need clarity,

they have surrendered to the Universe, they are waiting for instruction, they are trusting and going with the flow ( I have been here too!).

They also stay stuck and inactive, not really knowing what the best thing to do is.

The problem with both of these different ends of the clarity scale, is that they keep you stuck and inactive.

True clarity comes from taking a little bit from each camp.

You absolutely need clarity of what you do, who you help and your message so you can communicate that. You need to have a clear plan, that is unique to you (so you’re not just doing things for the sake of doing them, or because you watched a guru and thought it sounded like a good idea).

So you can get into (aligned) action, think of it like co-creating with the Universe. If you don’t set clear intentions and start taking actions towards them, how can the U meet you half way?

Which brings me on to waiting for instructions from the Universe, trusting and going with the flow.

Problems arise with a plan when it’s set in stone, it has to move and evolve with you. You also want to be open to opportunities that could arise outside of the plan (trusting that the Universe knows a better way that we can potentially imagine, for us to achieve our dreams)

And that’s where the surrender comes in. Set your intentions, get clarity around the key areas you need to, step into action, imperfect, messy action but just get going and then surrender to the outcome.

It’s when we become fixated on things being a certain way, that we set ourselves up for a fall and fear of failure. Or we procrastinate and make up excuses (I need that extra qualification/method under my belt) before we get going.

I have run my business both ways.

And being on the extreme end of either end of the scale doesn’t work.

It’s about getting balance (of the feminine and masculine (being & doing).

The process I take my clients through, the 10p’s of Soul Led Marketing, makes sure that you are clear and in alignment on all the elements you need to be, to create a marketing plan that is 100% made for you:

Power – Are you being all of you? The real you? So you can step into your power and truly own the leader you desire to be

Purpose – What are you here to do, the legacy you are here to leave? What is that bigger impact you desire?

Passion – What drives you and that fire in your belly to get up and show up every single day

People – who are YOUR people, your soul mate clients, your tribe?

Promotions – How do your offers / services/ products fulfil both you and your soul mate clients needs?

Personality – Are you running your business and marketing in away that lights you up?

Principles – What are the core values that run through everything you do and that your soul mate clients also resonate with?

Perspective – what is your vision of success, what are the intentions you want to set?

Positioning – How do you want your brand to be experienced?

Plan – How are you going to embody all of this and BE the person you need to be, to channel certainty, and become your next level self? What is the best Soul Aligned strategy for you to do this? Let’s create it!

Clarity is key.

You have to know certain things because if not you are totally open to being lured off in the wrong direction, or hiding behind excuses and not doing anything.

The best thing to get you clarity, is action, but you do need to make sure it’s considered and aligned to be truly effective. No busy badges here!

If you need help getting clarity, this is exactly what I do and I would love to help you.

Drop me an email to chat.


Katie xx