Looking back I know tuning into my soul, listening to my body and doing things my way were the things that made the pivotal difference in my business.

Looking after my wellbeing first was the key and everything flowed from there.

The creativity, inspiration, ideas, soul aligned clients and incredible opportunities.

When I became more present and conscious, I stopped looking externally for all of the answers and realised they were always inside of me. I was really just looking for others to reignite that magical spark that was always inside of me but had slowly dimmed over the years.

The more I cared for that spark, the more the fire inside of me grew and everything changed.

I stopped feeling rushed, pushed, hurried and hustle. I dropped the shoulds and totally honoured me.

I finally choose to back myself, instead of flogging myself.

When I started being more of me in every area of my life, not just fixating on one bit [business…I’m looking at you] I started living a more balanced life in every way and took time to care for myself first…that’s when it all started to change.

I made a decision.

I decided what I wasn’t available for anymore, I decided how it was going to be for me and so it became.

When I really started listening to my inner knowing and putting programs, content, offers out that came from my soul, not heavily influenced by what others were doing or saying was right.

When I started doing it with more fun, curiosity and flow, that’s when the magic came pouring back in.

When I stopped focusing on what I didn’t have [lack] and fully appreciated everything I do have [gratitude] and all that is coming my way.

When I uncovered the limiting beliefs, the destructive patterns and I healed them with love, understanding and compassion.

When I finally believed I am enough, just as I am, and I am worthy to receive.

The way I run my business (and live my life) changed forever, it can for you too.

From burnt-out to bliss – grow and sustain your business from soul & flow for the ultimate work/life blend

is my brand new 1:1 coaching package. 3 months of support, accountability, guidance and transformations. Access to me via Voxer or email throughout, 6 x bi-weekly 60 minute bespoke sessions, totally unique to you and your individual needs, combining soul led business & life coaching, marketing mentoring, energy work and clearing.

I will teach you how to access higher guidance and flow to create the most expansive, fun and free life/business. Just £1500. If you’d like to know more or have a quick chat about it, then please DM me, or contact me here.

Loads of love

Katie xx