Somewhere along the way have you lost the magic?

Your sparkle, spontaneity, your soul?

Sometimes we don’t even notice it happening, it creeps in so incrementally, a gradual deadening, chipping away, until one day you don’t recognise yourself or how you got here.

Responsibilities and obligations mean we often lose out the ability to be carefree but it really doesn’t need to be like this. As sensitive, heart centred, empaths we often put everyone and everything about our own needs. So many of us brought up as people pleasers, it’s a hard pattern to break.

These wounds, beliefs and patterns run deep and can play out in every area of our life and business.

Having the perfect [for you] soul-aligned business means being honest about what our current circumstances are trying to reflect back to us, how fear is keeping us small or past trauma sees us pushing ourselves so hard to cover up the not enoughness.

You can be given the best business/marketing strategy in the world but if you are subconsciously sabotaging yourself, we need to heal this piece first. We need to connect you back to you and then everything changes.

My work merges soul led business and life coaching, marketing mentoring, energy clearing (chakra work, Jikiden Reiki, EFT) we also look at your Human Design to dig deep into your personal energetic blueprint, which will support the understanding of yourself and your best way to work, even further.

if you’re interested in working with me 1:1 you can book 6 sessions for just £1500.

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Love, Katie xx