What if finding your soul’s calling was as easy as following what brings you joy.

How might that be for you?

I’ll tell you a story.

I have always worked in marketing, in very traditional businesses, in very traditional environments and doing things a very traditional way.

I have never felt like I fitted in.

But I just accepted that’s business, that’s the way it’s done.

For me to be in those environments and to serve my employees or my clients back then, I had to hide part / a lot of myself.

My true passion is personal development, in particular spirituality, all things Universe and how that relates to our businesses.

I love it, I always have. I am fascinated by it all, I could spend all day reading, listening to podcasts, trainings, discussions or chatting about it with other like minded souls. It really does set my soul a light.

So, if someone had said to me, back then ‘follow what you love to do’ it made no sense to me, how could I?

Until it did.

Then I couldn’t believe I had seen it any other way.

You see the truth is, you get to choose. ALWAYS.

There is not a business or marketing God that gets to tell you how you should run your business and life. You are that God.

It has always been within your power to make a choice about how you want your life / business / everything to be.

Perhaps you just haven’t seen it yet (when you do, you will wonder how you didn’t see it for so long) the joy of awareness and consciousness.

Or perhaps you didn’t feel you were allowed to do things your way,

I promise you are allowed.

And if you won’t allow yourself, I will give you permission.

Because it is as simple as deciding what you want and stepping into it, just like I did and if I can do it, you can too.

Now I fuse marketing and spirituality and have an absolutely wonderfully fulfilling life doing so.

It feels utterly crazy to me now that the other way of doing business (traditional / old paradigm) even still exists and how I did that for so long, but that was just my level of consciousness back then.

You see our businesses are energetic extensions of us, so if you are spiritual [or whatever it is you are hiding] how could your business not incorporate that part of you too?

You can’t hide parts of who you are and be happy. You wouldn’t do that in any other significant relationship and expect to feel fulfilled, would you? Your business is no different.

Having your own business is one of the most incredible relationships you can have, it will uncover and mirror so much back at you, good and bad, it’s just your decision about how you see it and the choices you make when you do.

How conscious are you?

Much love

Katie xx

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