The reason so many of the Soul Led Entrepreneurs I work with are struggling to create content that really connects with them and their soul aligned clients, is that they are trying to be something they are not.

They are asking themselves the wrong kind of questions ‘How do I write content that will get me more clients?’ or ‘ what kind of content does my ideal client want to hear so they buy more of my xxx’ ‘ How should I show up to be more successful / appealing to my clients’..

Of course we need to be of service to our soul mate clients and our offers are the type of products/services they need but asking these kind of questions is starting from the wrong place.

You are looking outside of yourself to what you need/should do to create a successful business, rather than tapping into yourself, really feeling into what you have to share with the world, who you are, what you were put here to do and who you are supposed to help.

It’s a subtle shift in many ways but the energy of coming from those two different places is completely different.

One is all about how do I get what I want, how do I make them buy from me, how do I sell more of my service to them. The other is from a place of service and passion and joy and purpose…

What do I believe in so passionately, that I want to share with my soul mate client? What transformation do I offer that could change their life / help them today? What lights me up and sets my soul on fire that I just have to share with my audience?

As well as the completely different vibe and energy you will be giving off (and trust me people can feel it)…It also means you are safe to do and grow your business just as you are.

You don’t need to be a different version of you, you don’t need to hide different parts of you, you don’t need to put on some persona, you get to be ALL OF YOU, just as you are, right here and now.

And that really is where the money comes from. You are the money!

When you are being completely yourself there is no competition, there is no second guessing about what and how to write your content and life is so much easier.

You need to really believe you are enough just as you are and build a business from that place.

Inside out, not outside in.

This is the work I continue to do on myself on a daily basis (it’s an ongoing practice) and the work I do with the Soul Led Entrepreneurs I work with too.

It’s the only way to build a a truly aligned, magical, successful and sustainable business.

If you’d like help to achieve this, my ‘Create your own Soul Led Strategy Masterplan’ would be perfect for you..

Let me know if you are interested,

Katie xx

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