The two things that have made me grow most in my life…having my daughter and running my business.

Neither for the faint-hearted.

For the purpose of this post, I’m focusing on the latter although there are many cross overs.

I have been in business for the past 10 years and during this time it has been the biggest personal development journey. I have had to confront my demons, uncover my blocks and work through my limiting beliefs, often on a daily basis 😂

And it’s not a one and done, unfortunately, you work through one level and think ‘Phew, I’m through’ only for the same old shit to pop up level, the same amount of 💩

But it does get easier, you recognise the thoughts, the patterns and you can pull yourself back. The key is uncovering them in the first place, they then lose their power and don’t seem quite so scary or debilitating anymore.

This is the work I do with my clients, after working with entrepreneurs and business owners for the past 22 years as a business and marketing mentor, the thing I have seen holding them back, more than anything, is themselves.

Feelings of unworthiness

Not enoughness


Limiting beliefs

Lack of clarity and direction

And the truth is, you can’t successfully grow and sustain your business, or market it with conviction if you haven’t done the internal stuff. If you are out of alignment, disconnected from your soul, feeling like you aren’t good enough to do what you do, then the same old patterns will keep repeating, you’ll stay stuck and never really fulfilling your full potential.

That’s why I retrained as a Spiritual Coach, for Life & Business, so I can support you to uncover what is holding you back and work through that and then support you as your business goes from stronger to stronger, like the rest of your life will too.

If you’d like to chat, I offer free discovery calls, you can book yours here.

Loads of love

Katie xx